Full Stack Test Automation Bootcamp Level 1

24 students


Bootcamp Agenda

Java & ChromeDriver

Basics of Java-Packages, Classes, Methods, and Variables
Creating a maven project
Basics of chrome driver
Chromedriver options and arguments


Basics of HTML, XPath, XPath functions, Xpath Operators & Xpath Nodes
Find elements in seconds using chropath

Selenium , Maven & TestNG

Creating a maven project, adding pom dependencies
Adding eclipse testing plugin
Basics of java and testng
Basics of selenium
Case Study: Automating TestAutomasi Website functionality using selenium
Using Keyboard Events in selenium
Running test cases in parallel
Handling Multithreading Issues


Basics of API Basics of restassured
Test APIs using restassured just like the postman
extract token and resend token in the next requests.
Case Study: Automating Dummy rest APIs using restassured


Basics of performance testing, Installation of JMeter
Basics of JMeter
Case Study: Testing dumpy rest APIs used in restassured in JMeter
Usage of HTTP samplers, thread group, header manager, JSON path extracted, result tree, and summary report listeners.
Analysis and reporting issues from JMeter summary report

Burp Suite:

Basics of web application security testing
Installation and Basics of burp suite
COnfiguring target and HTTP proxy listener in burp via firefox and chrome.
Case Study: AutomationTraining4U  Website Security Testing
Intercept and Modify request on the fly using repeater in burp suite
Performing brute force attack using burp suite
Performing automatic security scanning on target using the burp suite.
Analyzing burp suite report


At the end of the course, you will receive a completion certificate and a take-home project with source code.

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