Full Stack Test Automation Bootcamp Level 2

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Bootcamp Agenda Level 2:


1. Basics of oops concepts in java
2. Abstraction example
3. Encapsulation example
4. Inheritance example
5. Polymorphism example
6. Interface examples
7. List, set and map examples

Web Automation

1. Maven Project Management, Pom file, and dependencies management
2. Chrome Driver-handling pop-ups, notifications, headless mode, and mobile emulation
3. Selenium-sending keyboard and mouse actions, switching between tabs, windows
, and frames, taking screenshots and running javascript commands
4. Xpath-creating dynamic XPath, child, parent XPath, and XPath functions

Case Study- Gmail Test cases automation


1. Using before test, before suite, and before class properly
2. Running TestNG file using surefire maven plugin
3. TestNg complex examples- invocation count, priority, depends on method and grouping
4. Running Test Suite using XML file with groups and regex
5. Overriding default testng actions on test pass or failure.

API Automation

1. Creating a common configuration for automated API tests using restassured
2. Using hamcrest in restassured
3. Reading JSON to and from string, file, and maps using java concepts
4. Handling JSON string and JSON objects using gson

Case Study- EngineerAI API Test cases automation

Performance Testing

1.Basics of groovy
2.Using groovy scripts in JMeter scripts
3.Performance testing of email server
4.Performance testing of FTP server

Case Study- Performance Testing of EngineerAI APIs and Email/FTP server load testing of testautomasi

Security Testing

1.Basics of Linux
2. Using Nmap to analyze server ports and configuration
3.XSS scripts testing and examples
4.OWASP Top 5 security issues testing and examples

Case Study- Security Testing on a live Linux server.

At the end of the course, you will receive a completion certificate and a take-home project with source code.


You can see Level 1 outline and can buy previous Full Stack Automation Level 1 Course Recording with source code From here- https://testautomasi.com/fullstack


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