API Testing & API Tests Automation Using Postman, Newman, Javascript, ChaiJs and Jenkins

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Who can enroll in this course?

  • Professionals who wants to learn API testing and API tests automation.
  • Anyone who wants to progress their career in Automation testing.
  • Anyone who wants to become an expert in API Automation.


Course syllabus:

Topic Topic Content
Postman API Basics
Functional API Testing Using Postman
Postman Collection Runner
Data-Driven Testing Using Postman
Team Workspace and Version Controlling in Postman
JavaScript Basics of javaScript
Chai JS Basics of Chai JS
API Tests Automation Test Scripts and PM Object in Postman
Using Built-in keywords in Postman
JSON schema validation in Postman
Send Conditional Requests Using Postman
Skip, Fail & Add Timeout In Test Scripts Using Postman
Test & Extract Data From Soap XML Service
Test & Extract Data From Html Dom
Test & Extract Data From SQL Database
Live Project Understanding Live Project Test Automation Suite Requirements
Creating API Tests Automation Suite For Live Project Part 1
Creating API Tests Automation Suite For Live Project Part 2
CI/CD Newman Commands & Newman Reporters
Jenkins Set Up & Configuration For Sending Automation Suite Results From Jenkins


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