API Tests Automation Using Restassured In Hindi

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Course syllabus:

Topic Topic Content
Java and Eclipse System Set up and Installation-Java,JDK,Eclipse/Idea,Maven,TestNG, Selenium,Git
Writing a Simple Program in Java, executing and debugging programs
Eclipse Plugins(jautodoc,sonar), eclipse code formatting
Programming concepts: Variables and literals
Programming concepts: Methods
Programming concepts: Classes
Programming concepts: Strings
Programming concepts: Arrays
Programming concepts: Polymorphism (Static and dynamic)
Programming concepts: Abstraction (Interfaces and Abstract Class)
Programming concepts: Inheritance(Single, Multilevel, Multiple(using interfaces)
Programming concepts: Data Hiding(access modifiers)
Programming concepts: Encapsulation[Classes with getters and setters]
Programming concepts: Enums
Programming concepts: Generics
Programming concepts:Collections(List/Arraylist, Set, Map)
Programming concepts: Collections Streams
Programming concepts: Static Members and Methods
Programming concepts: Exceptions
API Testing Basics of API
Testing APIs
API based cases
Using Postman for API testing
Using postman global variables and environment variables
Using postman collection runner
Rest Assured API basics
Rest Assured Set up(request specification, logs, set headers, set type)
Rest Assured Methods(given, when and then)
Setting up base URL, endpoints, and payloads in restassured
Reading from the response, JSON path, and POJO structure
Gson overview, conversion between JSON and JSON objects
Jackson library and JSON objects
Converting JSON to map and vice versa
TestNG TestNG annotations (before and after method, test, class, and suite)
TestNG XML, groups, parallel execution and parameters
Framework Development Java design patterns
Page object design implementation
Setting up the base test and base page classes
Creating Payload management classes
Setting up the environment and payload file
Fetching data from excel using fillo library
Fetching data from SQL using JDBC connector
Creating tests with assertions in test classes
Creating Multithreaded set up to run multiple methods together
Debugging test failures and fixing them
GIT and Linux Git bash set up, cloning git project repo, cloning git branch the repo
git commands(git status, pull, push, commit, checkout, add, rm, merge, pull from master)
git: resolving git conflicts
Linux-basic commands(ls,ll,cp,pwd,cd,mv,curl,wget,vim,?text)
Maven Dependency management through maven
Maven commands (clean, test, install, custom) and surefire plugin
Maven properties for build parameterization
Jenkins Jenkins configuration of email, maven,git, java, jobs, scheduling,pre-build and post-build step)
Triggering Jenkins job using the remote system, running Jenkins through Jenkins war, running shell commands in Jenkins
Live Project Overview of Project Created For Company


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