API Tests Automation Using SoapUI + ReadyAPI + Groovy

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  • Professionals with prior testing experience.
  • Anyone who wants to progress their career in Automation testing.
  • Anyone who wants to become an expert in API Automation.


Course syllabus:

Topic Topic Content
Groovy System Set up and Installation
Writing a Simple Program in Groovy, executing and debugging programs
code formatting
Programming concepts: Variables and literals
Programming concepts: Methods
Programming concepts: Classes
Programming concepts: Strings
Programming concepts: Arrays
Programming concepts: Collections
Api Testing
Basics of API, XML vs JSON, status codes, request, response and crud operations
Testing APIs manually using soap ui
API based test cases
Using soapui for api testing
Using soapui properties and variables
Using soapui test runner
SoapUI/ReadyAPI Setting up soap ui(adding resources,endpoints,properties)
Soapui features(xml path,json path, property transfer, set property and get property)
Adding testsuite and test case
Accessing properties from Testcase,Suite and project level
Using groovy scripts to create dynamic data
Calling db queries from soapui
Basic Assertions for Test validations
Advanced Assertions for validating responses
Strategy to use Xpath assertions in Tests
How to send values from response to another request
Introduction to Groovy Script Test step
Importance of TestRunner and Context variable
testRunner methods for get and set Property()
Parsing the Json responses for API validation
Examples on REST API Automation with Json as response
Json Path extraction from responses
Load data from excel in APIs
Framework Development Using global properties for environmane variables
Using suite properties for test data
groovy script for setting common headers for all apis
grovvy script for generating random data
groovy script to read from sql
adding assertions in tests using groovy scripts
Debuging test failures and fixing them

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