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App Development

We specialized in creating native and react native mobile applications on ios and android applications and angular/react+python/golang/java based web applications.

1. A react native Dating app for a European client
2. Elearning solution for an Indonesian client
3.A Native social media application for an American client
4.A fintech solution for a Singaporean client
5.An native mobile security app for an Indian client

Tools Development

We have created a number of utilities and solutions while working for different companies and clients. If you have any such requirement or other custom requirements of creating custom tools/utilities then you can contact us here-

1.An HTML scraper to fetch data for a company and dumping it in DB then data analysis using math functions and dumping results in separate tables.
2.A data load utility for a company which takes a table name and row count as param and then creates a mock data for you in DB.
3.An Instagram bot for a client which extract images and save them on s3 bucket based on hashtag param
4.A webrtc load test tool which creates virtual agents and supervisor based on agents and supervisor params
5.A root cause analysis tool for a company which takes an userid as param and tells you everything you need to know
6.A utility for a company to upload data MongoDB collections using CSV
7.An employee data load tool for a client to dump employees taking CSV data as params for load test in Oracle fusion.
8.A visual image comparison tool for a company to tell percentile diff between two images and highlighting the differences.
9.A WhatsApp scrapper for a company for helping WhatsApp opt-in feature.
10.An on-demand test run utility for the QA team to upload apk/ipa and run smoke tests.
11.Created headless utility for developers to UI test login headless via command line for unit testing
12.Created Single test and module test execution desktop utility for QAs
13.Created Predicted Pay PDF desktop utility for UAT Customers

Corporate Training

We have conducted corporate trainings for more than 10 companies via virtual as well as Classroom training mode, one such example is classroom training conducted for insidesalesbox employees on automating ui tests using selenium and appium with java language.

E-Learning Instructor

Our instructors conduct classes online and work as part time instructor in Udemy, Edureka, Urbanpro and AutomationTraining4u along with providing e-learning courses on TestAutomasi.

Mobile Tests Automation

Our Testing expert Chandan Mishra has created api and mobile ui tests for Cvent onarrival App, CrowdCompass App, EngineerAI Mobile Website and Kredivo Mobile App.

Ui Tests Automation

Our testing expert Chandan Mishra has created automation framework and web ui tests for DrishtiSoft, G4S India, BuilderAI and Wallethub.

API , Performance & Security Testing

Our testing expert Chandan Mishra has written scripts for api tests, security tests, and api performance tests for Cvent, Belzabar , EngineerAI and Finaccel.

Stack Used- Restassured(Java), Requests(Python), Cucumber(Java), Jmeter(Groovy), Postman+Newman+ChaiJS(Javascript), Burp Suite and Kali Linux tools.

One To One Training

We have taught 1000+ students so far on restassured, selenium, appium, soapui,java, python, postman, cucumber, newman, git, jenkins, jmeter and burp suite

Batch Training

We have taught 1000+ students so far on python, java, golang, c++, data structures, restassured, selenium, appium, soapui,java, python, postman, cucumber, newman, git, jenkins, jmeter and burp suite